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Fri, Oct. 3rd, 2008, 09:34 am
*massive relief*

So coming up on two years ago, the morning after Halloween, I had an eensy weensy vagal episode resulting from the previous night's escapades with tequila, gin, exhaustion, and choosing to sleep instead of staying awake and doing drunken crazy things which would at least have the benefit of metabolizing my alcohol.  Unfortunately, this episode occurred in the bathroom and resulted in my head coinciding with the bathtub.  Ouch.  The consequent passing out and seizing convinced Cary to take me to the emergency room where they did some tests and concluded I would be fine, which I was in a couple of weeks when the extreme head and neck pain subsided.  Yay!

A couple months later I get a bill from the hospital for an "estimated amount" of some $500.  At the time I was under my mom's super awesome insurance, and I knew I didn't owe this amount.  Ignore.

A couple months later, another bill for a *different* amount (still around $500).  Ignore.

More bills.  Call insurance company.  Now, here's where things get complicated...when my dad was sick, my mom switched the insurance to a POS plan which has higher copays but allows for more flexibility in which doctors you can see, so my dad was able to go get crazy tests and different hospitals and such.  But at the end of 2006 my mom decided to go back to the cheaper HMO because she and I didn't need the extra services my dad needed.  Same insurance company, different plan.  But this is now very confusing because when *I* went to the ER I had the POS, and when I was calling about my bill, I had the HMO.  Thus I was several times passed to someone else who could look up my POS account who then told me, oh let me transfer you to someone else who can look up your POS account.  Oh god.  Finally someone said she would call me back later, which obviously she never did.

Okay fine.  Ignore this problem for a long time.  Ignore more bills that come from the hospital.

Later more calls to insurance.  Figure out which phone number to call to get directly to the POS people, so at least now the people I call have any sort of record of me having *gone* to the hospital.  But they are totally mystified as so where the $500 came from.  They paid stuff to the hospital already.  Tell me I need to call the hospital.

Call hospital.  Why do I owe this?  Well, it's your deductible.

Call insurance.  They said it's my deductible.  You don't have a deductible.

Call hospital.  I don't have a deductible.  No, it's not a deductible.  You said it's a deductible.  Well it's not, it's something else.  What?  It's something else.  PS: we're about to send this to a collection agency, so that's clearly the end of the world.

Oh god.  Freak out.  Ignore.

Later, call insurance, because I tend to yell at them less than I yell at the hospital because insurance says I *don't* owe money.  Why do I owe this? Uhh...you don't.  You should owe just a $35 copay.  Yeah, that's funny because no one has actually asked me for that.

Call hospital, get transfered to collection agency.  I don't owe this.  Yes you do, we have this piece of paper from your insurance company saying you do.  OH BULL SHIT.

Call Insurance.  Could you send the hospital the thing saying I just owe $35?  Okay.

Call collection agency.  Did you get it?  No, pay us or die.

Call insurance.  Can you send this thing to them?  No, privacy issues prevent us.  I can only send it to you.  Okay, can you send it to me and I'll send it to them?  Sure.

Wait.  Nothing.  Fuck.

Call insurance.  Can you send me this thing?  Sure!  And I have this other thing which is what we sent to the hospital before, so I'll resend that to the collection agency, and I'll mail you your thing.  AWESOME FTW!

Wait.  Nothing.  Fuck.

Call collection agency.  Did you get the fax?  No.  Well, okay, why do I owe this again?  We have this piece of paper saying you do.  Umm...can I see that?  No, it's private between us and your insurance.  It's clearly not private if *I* am the one being charged.  ARRRGGGH.

Meanwhile, more bills, in increasingly ominously colored envelopes.  More freaking out.

Call insurance.  SERIOUSLY SEND THIS THING OMG.  Okay, I'm faxing it to the collection agency this afternoon.

Call collection agency.  Didyougetitdidyougetithuhhuhhuh?????  It takes 3 business days to process faxes.  Call back later.

TODAY: Call collection agency.  Did you get it?  Hold on,......okay I'm printing it..........Okay, this says you owe $35.  UH YEAH.  What about the $500?  No, that's been written off.  Okay, you send me a bill for $35 and I will pay it.  We will.  Okaybye.  No "sorry we've been randomly harrassing you for two years" or anything.

Whatever.  I am so happy.  The end.

Thu, Sep. 25th, 2008, 08:31 pm

I'm watching The Rachel Maddow Show RIGHT NOW and Uncle Pat Buchanan just said the best thing ever, so I had to LJ it immediately.  They're talking about the bailout plan, of course, and Pat says,

Telegrams...emails are coming in 200 to 1 against this, Rachel.

Cary put it best: How old does Pat think he is?

Better question: why are the rest of you not watching MSNBC all day long?  I love this network.  Have I mentioned that?

ETA: I just noticed that Pat and Rachel are wearing the same suit.

Sat, Sep. 20th, 2008, 08:44 pm

Coincidentally, the two movies I have watched over the course of yesterday and today have both been set in the 1910s and have involved gigantic flamboyant ladies' hats in significant plot points. I wish I could say that about every movie I watch.
  1. Coco Chanel was a regular old Lifetime movie, but enjoyable for the hats, of course. Shirley MacLaine is awesome, but I really only recorded it because I thought Audrey Tautou was in it (she's going to be in another movie about Coco Chanel, hopefully one with people actually speaking French instead of just speaking with bad French accents).
  2. Easter Parade not only had hats, but also Ann Miller tap dancing and Judy Garland and Fred Astaire dressed as hobos. HOBOS. So, obviously, this was the superior film.
These little posts of mine are fun because I wind up playing on Wikipedia for a while. Tonight I learned the amazing fact that ANN MILLER INVENTED PANTYHOSE. So, um, my brain has totally exploded.

Thu, Sep. 18th, 2008, 09:33 am
Thursday morning

A few assorted items:
  • They're jackhammering the street RIGHT outside the window.  It is loud.  I wish it would stop.
  • The new 90210 is sort of awful, BUT it has LUCILLE, so it's sort of worth watching when we remember.  She basically plays exactly the character of Lucille, only with a bad script.
  • People keep talking about how bad it looked that Obama had that fundraiser with Barbra Streisand and how awful that looks and all that.  There generally is a lot of bad press around Barbra (South Park, etc.)  But my question is: Have you people not seen Funny Girl?  I CRAZY LOVED that movie, and it's awesome pretty solely due to Barbra (no offense to bridge-master Omar Sharif...only credit to the sheer awesomeness of Barbra).  So in my eyes that exempts her from any subsequent awfulness.  They should be like, "Last week Obama had a fundraiser with Fanny Brice!  Should McCain just give up now?!?!"
  • I was just about to say that they had stopped jackhammering, but they just started again.
  • After last night's Project Runway, Kenley is officially my favorite.  Not because I actually like her (she's sort of a bitch and they're totally setting her up to go home next week), but because last night she said something to the effect of, "Tim says it would be okay if NONE of the tulle showed.  I'm not going to listen to him."  (And you know she actually said NONE in all caps.)  Jor-El won last night, so obviously Kenley still didn't use enough tulle.
  • I have the theme song from "All in the Family" stuck in my head, I think because in the news coverage of all this ZOMG EPIC ECONOMY FAIL business, Olbermann types have suggested that Bush and/or McCain are acting like Herbert Hoover.  Well, I say we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.
  • You know what wasn't so good, though?  Funny Lady.  James Caan?  Really?  No.
  • Jackhammering has stopped....for now.

Sun, Sep. 14th, 2008, 06:59 pm
Quilts! Or: Katie finally uploads her pictures

I haven't quilted in forever, but yesterday I had kalquessa over to teach her how to quilt, because I like for other people to also have way too many hobbies that they don't have either the money nor the time to adequately spend doing. HAHAHA.

Pics belowCollapse )
ETA: Links fixed, and the cuts, I hope.

Fri, Sep. 12th, 2008, 09:26 am

When did there start being new episodes of The Colbert Report on Fridays?  I feel deeply deceived.

Fri, Sep. 5th, 2008, 08:41 pm

I watched this week's Project Runway tonight, and Diane von Furstenburg was on it (Whitney's boss!), and she gave the contestants their challenge to design something for her fall line which is inspired by the movie A Foreign Affair, with Marlene Dietrich.  Now, I recently went through a bit of a Marlene Dietrich phase, and I felt like I had seen A Foreign Affair, but they went on to describe it as a movie in which MD is a spy in the late 1930s who travels from Berlin to Shanghai and to New York and is all fashionable in the meantime.  So, no, I hadn't seen that movie.  But I just looked it up and sure enough that is the Billy Wilder movie I recorded off of TCM a while back and sent to bs0d .  In it, MD is a lounge singer in post-WWII (so...not the 1930s) who becomes involved with some visiting American congressmembers who are their investigating corruption.  She had previously been involved with some Nazi people, so there is a bit of intrigue there, and the question of whether she is a spy.  The only traveling in the movie is done at the beginning when the congresspeople fly to Berlin, and then at the end and fly home.  MD does not travel anywhere (traveling was one of the key aspects of a lot of the designs), let alone to Shanghai, because she is *totally stuck in the American sector of occupied Berlin*.

Cary, internet whiz, has just discovered that MD was in a movie called Shanghai Express, which sort of looks like the movie they were describing, except not because there's no Berlin involved and it's not the late 30s (they were told it was 30s and 40s, or at least emphasis on late 30s).

I just watched it again on youtube.  She gets the lounge-singer-maybe-a-spy thing right, but after that it all falls apart.  Ffwd to about 6:00.  Oh Diane von Furstenburg, I had so much respect for you for hiring Whitney, and now it's totally blown.  And Bravo: dude, what the fuck?

On a related note, listen to James Cagney and Ruby Keeler (*love*) sing this awesome song from Footlight Parade, Shanghai Lil.

ETA: DVF's fall line, Foreign Affair.


Fri, Sep. 5th, 2008, 05:25 pm
RNC Highlights

RNC wasn't quite as good and exciting as the DNC, probably due to the lack of Viva Chuck Todd signs in the background, but thanks to our pals at MSNBC it sure had its moments, including:
  • Catching Triumph the Insult Comic Dog amongst the delegates during the roll call.  (The whole thing is worth watching, but what I'm referring to is at about 4:50)
  • Pat Buchanan and Chris Matthews fighting over Pat's complete inability to restrain himself from referring to women as "gals".  (Although, to be fair, in regards to Sarah Palin, I don't believe there is a woman in America who supported Pat Buchanan for president who should not rightly be called a gal.)  (Bonus: Michelle Bernard being awesome, as usual.)
  • Keith Olbermann comparing Sarah Palin to Tracy Flick in primetime.  (Wow, even I think that was uncalled for.)
  • Andrea Mitchell, serious journalist and wife of the premier voice in modern American economics, attacked by balloons.  Bonus (not in the video): Andrea Mitchell mocked mercilessly by fellow serious journalists Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams.
What?  No highlights involving Chucky T or Rachel Maddow?  I told you it wasn't as good as the DNC.

Tue, Sep. 2nd, 2008, 01:15 pm

Just read a post on the Craft Blog about this super cool monster entrail sculpture.
Even cooler, the artist's name is Joshua Longo. I am such a whore for seeing my name places. So I follow links and find his website, Longoland. Not only is his website full of ultra cool plushy monster things (ehn!  with gross monster buttholes!), the website logo says my name is cool monster font! OMG!
The website isn't totally done yet, but I'm hope hope hoping that when the store is up I can buy a tshirt with this logo.  Absolutely.

Thu, Aug. 28th, 2008, 06:21 pm

When I got home from school yesterday MSNBC was showing the delegate count at the Democratic convention. I thought this would be extremely boring, because I really just don't care about all the exciting legislators who hail from each state, but I foolishly underestimated the play-by-play from Keith Olbermann and Chuck Todd.  Some highlights:
  • Chuck calling Barbara Boxer a liar.
  • Chuck getting all excited about the half delegates from the Democrats Abroad, and wondering what the screen graphic was going to do about it (they squished the numbers really small).
  • Chris Matthews interjecting every once in a while to say something totally inexplicable.
  • Chuck and Keith trying to one-up each other with factoids about William Jennings Bryan.
Did I mention that I am now a card-carrying member of the Chuck Todd Fan Club?  I am.  I sent off my application the day after I heard about it on Viva Chuck Todd.  I got a card, of course, as well as a super-cool pin.  I would show you pictures, but that would involve uploading them and you know how I feel about that.

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